Everything You Should Be Doing On A First-Time Visit To Cleveland

Euclid avenue with outdoor chandelier in Cleveland, Ohio Euclid avenue with outdoor chandelier in Cleveland, Ohio

While some people refer to Cleveland as “The Mistake On The Lake” due to its history, Cleveland is a beautiful city with plenty of fun activities to do and sights to see. In fact, this mid-sized city welcomed 16.1 million visitors in 2021. Since there is so much to do in the city of Cleveland, it can be difficult to decide which sites are worth seeing, which restaurants are worth eating at, and which hotel is worth staying at.

This article is your all-inclusive guide to Cleveland. Keep reading to find hotel recommendations, museum suggestions, free activities around the city, and more. Everything you should be doing on a first-time visit to Cleveland is outlined below.

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Written by Steffi Haenicke.

Originally published October 24, 2022.

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