TechOhio’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Support local Ohio shops and startups to help you find the perfect gift this holiday season

Holiday shopping is no easy task. How do you pick out the right gift for each person on your list? At TechOhio, we want to make that as simple as possible, by providing you with a variety of Ohio-centric gifts to consider.

From all around the state, local shops, creative-minds and innovative entrepreneurs are creating exceptional products that make great gifts for the holidays. To learn more about a few, check out our annual gift guide for some holiday shopping inspiration.

Of course, we can’t find them all, so help us add to our by commenting below.

For the gamer on the go:

Does the gamer in your life love all things mini? If so, Akron’s TinyCircuits has the perfect gift with the Thumby, a tiny programmable video game on a keychain. You can start by playing the thumb-sized system’s five pre-loaded games, but the company also offers an in-browser code editor to help players program their own within the device. It’s the game that keeps on giving!

For the passionate philanthropist:

During the season of giving, many people opt for charitable donations in lieu of gifts. If someone on your list would rather their gift go to a good cause, consider setting up a GiveGame with your friends and family. Choose a non-profit to receive your donations and a fun event to rally behind, like a bracket for your favorite sports team or tv show. Once you make your bracket selections, pick a donation amount to give back to those in need and solidify your place in the game.

For the nighttime athlete:

Whether you have a cyclist, runner or late night walker on your list, Cleveland startup Safety Skin wants to help keep you safe with their reflective products, which can be applied directly onto apparel, equipment and even skin. Their deodorant-like applicators create reflective marks and have a rain and sweat resistant formula. After your workout, the product washes off easily with a wet wipe or soap and water, making it the perfect gift for any athlete.

For the local coffee lover:

Shopping for someone who loves their caffeine fix? Cafilia, based out of Cleveland, offers coffee subscriptions with a variety of independent coffee shops. First, choose the number of coffees you want per month, then use Cafilia’s sustainable travel mug to visit participating shops. It’s a great way to explore local coffee shops and find your favorite new blend.

Boston Stoker Coffee Co. was founded in 1973 and remains a family-owned and operated business to this day. The roaster works with farmers and co-ops from around the world to bring the best beans to the Dayton area. Consider gifting any of their specialty blends or opt for a variety with one of their coffee subscriptions.

For the tattoo lover:

Shopping for someone who has tattoos or is thinking about making an appointment? Cleveland’s Mad Rabbit boasts a variety of skincare and aftercare products specifically formulated with tattoos in mind. From innovative skin balm to enhance brightness to tattoo sunscreen, the company even features a new numbing cream to ease the tattooing process.

For the language learner:

If you’re looking for a virtual stocking stuffer for someone learning Spanish, Time2Talk can help. The app was created to connect Spanish-language learners with native speakers in Latin America and Spain. Users can call a coach within the app and pay per minute for live exercises and conversations to practice their Spanish skills. The app’s on-demand nature makes it convenient no matter the user’s schedule.

For the remote worker: 

As more and more people have started working from home, an organized and dedicated office space is key for any remote worker. Cincinnati’s Porvata has everything you need to build a functional and convenient at-home office. The company is a one-stop shop for high quality and customizable desks, office chairs, desktop work surfaces and more.

For fans of holiday lights:

We all love seasonal holiday lights, but what about the lights that illuminate our everyday lives? Based in Akron, Whiskertin crafts custom lighting fixtures out of a variety of materials, like skateboards and hand blown glass. Their unique pieces are the perfect combination of art and functionality, making them a great home decor gift.

For the plant parent:

During the cold winter months in Ohio, green space is a sorely missed sight. Give the gift of green to the plant lover on your list with a nature frame or moss art from Planthropy. The company is based in Columbus and their mission is to reconnect people with nature through their wall-hanging, biophilic designs.

For the eco warrior:

Shopping for someone who is passionate about sustainability? Koko has you covered, with reusable home and personal care items that are built to last. But they don’t just sell sustainable products. The Columbus-based shop also operates refilleries that offer their shampoo, toiletries, laundry detergent and more in bulk, to help customers reduce single-packaging waste.

For the creative-minded:

If you’re shopping for someone crafty, look no further than Columbus-based Natterdoodle, a hand lettering and stationary company focused on empowering women through creative and uplifting workshops. Reserve your spot in a holiday mug decorating or cookies and calligraphy workshop or browse their online offerings for unique home goods and other gifts.

For the Cleveland native:

Can’t figure out the right gift for someone on your shopping list? Do they love all things Cleveland? Let Give Gifted do the work for you by curating a custom gift basket filled with goodies from a variety of Cleveland vendors or browse ready-to-order holiday options on their website.

For the DIY aficionado: 

Is there someone on your list who loves to try new things? Maker’s Kits out of Columbus offers unique DIY project kits for help you find your next hobby. Explore their candle and soap-making kits or check out how to make concrete coasters. They even have a DIY-focused, interactive bar in Franklinton where you can try out some of their projects and crafts for yourself.

For the climate-conscious fashionista:

With Fount’s ethically sourced leather goods, the fashion enthusiast on your list doesn’t need to choose between style and sustainability. The Cleveland-based shop was founded by a husband and wife creative team in 2014 and sells Italian leather totes, backpacks, belts and more made by artisans right here in Ohio.

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