Carefeed Wants to Make Communication Seamless for Senior Communities

How the Cincinnati startup is forging stronger connections in care settings

Carefeed logo and a photograph of a senior woman using a mobile device

Patient care and communication are two of the most important pillars in the field of healthcare and an essential part of connecting patients with their doctors, caretakers and family members. Outdated methods of communication in the medical field are still commonly used and limit the efficiency of care to patients, especially those who reside in senior care facilities. So how can the medical field innovate new ways of keeping in contact with those who need it most? Cincinnati startup Carefeed is addressing this disparity by creating a digital hub for senior communities.

“We are the central place for seamless communication and engagement with residents, family and staff,” said Founder and CEO Terry Wall. “We digitize and automate antiquated processes and we’re currently focused on post-acute care settings like assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. We provide a SaaS software model to provide operational efficiencies to these communities to give residents and family members information when and where they want it and to promote trust and transparency.”

Wall combined his background in business with his family’s history and connection to the medical field to create Carefeed. He saw the startup as an opportunity to create a bridge between patients, families and administrators. While providing patients with ease of access to medical information, their software could also alleviate the stress administrators felt in navigating antiquated systems.

“I have a long background of healthcare in my family,” Wall said. “My dad was a doctor, his dad was a doctor and my great-grandfather was a doctor. I always wanted to get into healthcare and felt that Carefeed could be the way I could help. The idea was to provide a SaaS model to these care settings and make administrators’ lives easier. COVID adversely affected these care settings and the stress in that population. I always wanted to start a tech company and this seemed like the right fit and was serendipitous with a real need.”

Carefeed’s platform helps senior communities save time and cut costs by automating processes like admission agreements and safety announcements and distributing them through text, email or voice messages. Administratively, the company’s solutions help care centers stay compliant with state and federal regulations and communicate effectively with employees. Now, as Carefeed grows, the company is focused on diversifying their solutions to explore how their technology can be applied to different types of care settings.

“When I started it was just me, but now we have a team of eight full time employees, which we expect to double by the end of the year,” he said. “We have some cool new items on our roadmap and things are expanding beyond just one care setting. Our goal is to invest in and expand our team and then expand our solutions. A lot of our clients say, ‘I also own a behavioral health clinic or I own a hospice or adult daycare’ and our core solutions can be franchised to those other care settings.”

Though efficiency and managing costs are the bread and butter of the startup’s solutions, their ultimate goal is to improve quality of life for residents and the administrators who care for them. And nothing emphasizes that need more than the ongoing pandemic and ever-changing landscape of healthcare.

“We once onboarded a new client and sent her a first message via Carefeed,” Wall said. “She took off her glasses, started crying and said ‘you have no idea how much time you’re going to save me.’ I realized this really underscored just how difficult administrators’ jobs are and how they’re buckling under these antiquated systems. And I think the expectations are a bit different now coming out of COVID. They’re saying, ‘I want to give these families as much information as possible so they feel really comfortable trusting our care.’”

As the company continues to address these important needs and branch out into other areas of medical care, Wall wants to expand the Carefeed team with the people and talent found in Ohio. His previous work with accelerators in the state and throughout the Midwest has grown his appreciation for Ohio tech and innovation – something he knows can carry the company into its next phase.

“There are just so many resources here to help startups and the two accelerators we participated in have been remarkable,” he said. “The networking is amazing, the guidance is amazing and so is the talent. I think Ohio has a mentality of great work ethic and, even in the turbulent times during COVID, it was our team who was working to get things done with a resilient mindset.”

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