reAlpha Innovates Investing in the Housing Market

How the Columbus startup’s technology drives democratization of real estate rentals


Deciding where and how to invest your money is never an easy choice, especially when it comes to property. While the housing market is incredibly lucrative, especially with the rise of platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, first-time buyers often find it difficult to navigate and gain entry due to increased costs. Columbus startup reAlpha wants to lower that barrier and simplify real estate rentals for the everyday investor.

“reAlpha is making investing in Airbnb and rental properties as easy as buying stock on your phone through an investing app,” said Chief Marketing Officer Christie Currie. “We’re turning the $1.2 trillion vacation rental industry into an asset class, so that people can not only be guests, but also owners and investors in the lucrative industry as it grows.”

Through their marketplace platform, reAlpha’s algorithm finds and separates out viable vacation rental properties. The company then reviews and acquires the best options and places them on their platform for users to invest in.

“We enable everyday individuals with the opportunity to invest in real estate through our acquired short term rentals,” said Chief Financial Officer Mike Logozzo. “We’re very excited to open up this concept and democratize it. Currently, we’re in the process of regulation A crowdfunding and plan to use that capital for down payments to acquire our initial properties. Our focus will be primarily in the U.S., but we have the ability to expand.”

The company is poised for growth with plans to acquire as many properties as possible. But boosting their portfolio is not their only immediate goal. reAlpha wants to empower their stakeholders to explore the world of digital investments that they are pioneering and foster much-needed inclusivity within the housing market.

“By building demand and recognition within the consumer market, we’ve lit a fire for the investment side of the vacation rental business,” Currie said. “A lot of people are interested and becoming more comfortable with learning about new kinds of investments. There are also people who are guests in the rental industry, but have never thought of themselves as investors, so they’re more willing to take that first step with a company like ours. We want everyone to benefit from this opportunity, so we’re very excited for the future.”

Though reAlpha is working to acquire rental properties on a national scale, Ohio is at the center of that goal and they’re eager to add investment opportunities from their own backyard as well. And as the Columbus startup launches into their next phase, they want to capitalize on the state’s supportive and fast-paced startup culture.

“Ohio’s been a great home for reAlpha,” Logozzo said. “There’s a great ecosystem here that enables us from a networking and connection standpoint to grow this company. There are a lot of resources here that help startup companies like us to leverage that network and increase our probability of success as we scale our business.”

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