Ohio Entrepreneurs Predict What’s Next for 2023

What do these founders and innovators expect in the new year?

2023: What's Next?

It’s no secret that 2022 was an incredible year for Ohio entrepreneurs across a variety of industries. As we celebrate a new year, we’re turning our attention ahead to 2023 and what it has in store for the Ohio startup scene.

We asked entrepreneurs and founders across the state to weigh in on what they see as major points of change for the upcoming year, both in their individual industries and throughout Ohio. Here’s what they told us:

“I believe there will be some major changes ahead with Ohio being an industry leader in innovation, from tech startups to everyday individuals. 2023 will be the year for advocacy in digital health, especially in coordination of care where there will be more rules and regulations in making patient-facing software. There will also be a need for more automation in how we deliver care, as there are more individuals who need help. I think improved processes and strategy with a diverse, humanist feel during times of critical care will be at the center of the care economy as health care catches up with modern technology.”

  • Ashley Barrow, CEO and Founder of RE-Assist

“I think we can expect more return-to-office next year, and we saw a lot of that this year. 2022 was markedly different than 2021 in that respect. There are a lot of companies that are signaling a move back to the office, with a lot of hybrid models. I think we’re also seeing a lot more sales conversations and activity, which I would expect to accelerate in 2023. Business is returning to whatever the new normal is and from the business side of our company, we’re back to the conversations we were having at the end of 2019 before a two-year timeout. We’re excited and optimistic about 2023.”

  • Fred Brothers, Founder, President, and CEO of Fortuity

“Moving forward there will be a focus on hiring with a purpose and utilizing alternatives to full-time hires with contractors that can inject a needed skill set or expertise into a project. This will enable teams to stay lean but continue to move fast. Companies that are diverse, impact-driven, and have an environment that trusts their employees will have an advantage when attracting those looking for their next move in 2023.”

  • Andrew Roth, Chief Technology Officer of Strongsuit

“I view the space market, especially low Earth orbit (LEO), as an exploding and barely tapped opportunity. In 2023, we’ll see continued growth of realizable benefits from LEO. These will include increased high-speed internet coverage in remote areas, industrial use of satellite imaging, and enhanced fidelity GPS.”

  • Robert Keane, CEO and Co-Founder of Velontra

“As an Ohio-based entrepreneur, I have witnessed the rise and expansion of health care initiatives in the Greater Cincinnati region for the past two decades. There has never been a better time for the success of health care startups in our region. The current state of health care in America has created an immense need for solution providers who can help accelerate improved outcomes and give patients more representation in health care discussions and efforts to improve treatment and care. Health care startups can create value for their customers as they focus on the spread and scale of proven outcomes while finding innovative solutions.”

“I think Ohio’s investment model is changing, and we’re moving towards something even more balanced that is more accepting of risk. There will be more of a diversification trend in Northeast Ohio, which has already been really positive and been a change in culture, risk profile, and risk management. We’re going to increase that diversification of investment types and see other options besides the more traditional route while still moving towards a balanced path.”

  • Matt Crowley, CEO and Co-Founder of TonDone

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