BBI Logistics Bridges the Divide Between Customer and Carrier

How the company is going the extra mile to ensure transportation solutions

Supply chain management has been a hot topic of discussion these days, especially as we continue to navigate inflation and the effects of the pandemic. For companies who ship products around the country, it’s important now, more than ever, to balance shipping costs and ensure goods are delivered successfully. BBI Logistics, a Columbus-based, third-party logistics provider, has made that their mission and is helping match customers with carriers who can solve their transportation needs.

“We help facilitate and arrange transportation between customers and carriers,” said President and CEO Brent Bosse. “Shippers who need freight moved will come to us and we help match them with carriers from our network, so we act as an extension of a company’s transportation department. Our goal is that our customers don’t have to worry about the complexity of moving their product from A to B, so they can focus on customer service, sales and other areas that are prevalent to them being successful.”

The company, founded by Bosse and a group of friends, got its start in 2017 and grew to 19 employees during their first year of business. They quickly built a reputation for efficiency while their logistics technology propelled them forward in the industry.

“We started with very few people and few resources and we built up a good reputation quickly,” he said. “As you can imagine, when you start a company it’s tough getting acclimated to an industry and building your name up. Now, we’ve built an internal transportation management system and our internal technology can track and trace shipments all over the road. We’ve built a one-stop shop on the technology side and also created a great culture within and a space where our employees are excited to come to work.”

With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, BBI Logistics hit the ground running. Amidst product shortages and transportation demands, the company worked to keep customer shelves stocked all while managing their own growth. Now, the company wants to share its success with the community, giving back to organizations both locally and in Tampa, where they recently opened their first satellite office.

“During the pandemic we were super busy keeping shelves stocked,” Bosse said. “We were helping to transport essential grocery store items and other things around the country as efficiently as possible to keep up with the high demand. Now, we’re able to give back as we’ve continued to grow. As we continue to succeed, we want to become a bigger part of Columbus and the State of Ohio. Especially in a time where a lot of companies were cutting back or doing layoffs, we were not only growing, but we’re able to give back to the community and help others.”

The company’s continued growth is exciting, but they’re also looking to expand their headquarters in Ohio, with plans to relocate to a larger space in Astor Park. Bosse knows they’ll need the extra room as they build their logistics business and broaden their reach in the transportation industry.

“Being centrally located is a big proponent of success in transportation,” he said. “As we get closer to other aspects of the business, like owning our own trucks and the warehousing side of things, being centrally located in the Midwest and being able to reach a large portion of the population within a day’s travel will play a big part. I was born and raised in Columbus and I love the city and state. Columbus has a great, strong economy and workforce behind it, which has helped facilitate our growth on several different fronts.”

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