A Columbus Startup is Pairing Personal Assistants with Working Parents

How Strongsuit’s data-driven approach helps parents manage their personal lives

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For parents balancing both kids and their career, life can get overwhelming. Whether it’s remembering important school functions or planning a family vacation, it can be difficult for professionals to manage their life outside of the office while also performing well at work. That’s where Columbus startup Strongsuit comes in, with a technology-based platform that provides support and solutions for working parents.

“Strongsuit is a smart, scalable personal assistant for professional parents,” said CEO and Co-Founder Lindsey Michaelides. “You can think of us as your super-powered assistant that helps parents manage everything in their personal life so they can give their whole selves to both work and home. We use data paired with human support to get to know our members and anticipate their needs and their families’ needs so we can offer them solutions and recommendations.”

When first signing up for Strongsuit, members experience an onboarding process designed to get to know them, their family, and details about their daily lives. That information is used to pair members with a member success specialist best suited to their preferences and lifestyle. These specialists keep connected with members and drive planning and organization through monthly “huddle calls” and the online platform itself.

“Our goal is to tee up solutions for the important things that come up in life so members can just give a thumbs up or down,” Michaelides said. “We know that dropping the ball can end up feeling impactful not only to your own day, but also to your child’s day. For example, a couple weeks in advance, we can swoop in and remind members of school spirit week and provide some options for things to wear in your kids’ sizes or favorite colors. We provide these options and links from retailers you like so you can purchase them if you need, or you can let us know if it’s already handled.”

A professional parent herself who previously worked at McKinsey & Company, Michaelides is no stranger to the balancing act of maintaining a career and family life. She and the other members of the Strongsuit team are passionate about driving impact for families while empowering parents to make strides in their careers.

“This is a real problem we’re solving for parents and a big market opportunity, but it’s also really personal,” she said. “Everyone on our leadership team is a working parent themselves. We’re all individuals who have really big ambitions for our careers and professional lives, but at the same time, our families and personal relationships are really important to us. At Strongsuit, we want to make folks feel like they have someone in their corner, and at the end of the day, they can have the career and family life they want without sacrificing one or the other.”

The company is making its own strides as well. It recently closed a funding round and is focused on further scaling and building out its platform. Born and raised in Ohio, Michaelides said it was never a question for her to start and grow Strongsuit in Columbus. And between access to the local startup scene and support from Ohio-based investors, the company is well positioned to continue its growth into the new year and beyond.

“Ohio has been a great home for Strongsuit,” she said. “Rev1, Jumpstart, and North Coast are all investors on our cap table and huge supporters, which we’re really grateful for. As we’ve looked to grow our team, we’ve found incredible talent here in Columbus, and we’re really fortunate that we’ve been able to build a large portion of our team in Ohio. There are great people and resources here, and it’s a community that loves driving impact as much as we do.”

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