Narwal is Positioned to be a Leader in the Digital Revolution

How the Cincinnati startup is streamlining software solutions in data, automation, and cloud

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Companies now more than ever need efficient data and cloud automation services to protect and develop key resources in digital infrastructure. As technology advances and internal processes are digitized, how can organizations stay on the cutting edge and use technology solutions advantageously? Cincinnati-based startup Narwal is helping its clients do just that, with innovative software and automation solutions.

“We are a niche technology solutions company in the areas of data, automation, and cloud, and we provide software services and support to Fortune 500 companies,” Founder and CEO Raj Kanuparthi said. “These three areas have huge competitive advantages for businesses. They significantly improve speed to market, reduce costs, and help grow revenue and scalability.”

Some of those companies that Narwal supports include Nationwide Insurance, Glassdoor, FIS Global, and TRIMEDX. Although its bread and butter is software in data, automation, and cloud, Narwal keeps customer experience at the heart of its approach to tech solutions. By diving into the individual needs of its clients, the startup accelerates the digital services it offers and drives efficiency.

“We’re truly helping our clients to solve their problems and modernize their entire data landscape,” Kanuparthi said. “For our customers, it’s about creating value by supporting their digital journeys leading to the creation of new products and services, cost efficiencies, process improvements, and staying ahead of the curve in their area of work. For example, providing real-time insights to C-suite executives and key metrics to make instant decisions. We can improve speed from several weeks or months to less than a day by automating software development processes.”

For Narwal, part of being an extension of the growth of its clients is also facilitating its own growth and making a well-rounded impact. The startup not only aspires to scale its business by 10 times in the next five years, it also has its sights set on expanding delivery capabilities outside of the U.S. to the U.K. and large offshore development centers in India.

“We want to grow our talent, capabilities, and leadership to match that of our partners,” he said. “Our customer acquisition plans are focused on next-generation companies that are growing and transforming their businesses. We want to continue to expand our global footprint from a market and delivery perspective and focus on creating technology excellence and innovation in data, cloud, and automation areas.”

For Kanuparthi, there’s no better place to work on expanding Narwal’s global impact than in Ohio. Cincinnati provides proximity and access to local talent while also keeping the startup plugged in to its customers’ markets around the world. And that balance keeps the startup on the forefront of the data, automation, and cloud industry.

“Ohio is rich in opportunities, culture, and talent,” he said. “This is a great place to do business and we’re committed to growth across the U.S. while being headquartered in Ohio. The availability of good tech talent has cemented our decision to stay rooted here, and the state is open and friendly, with an ease of living and doing business here.”

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