Redi.Health is Bridging the Divide Between Patients, Clinicians, and Pharmaceuticals

How the Columbus startup is at the forefront of total health management

A woman uses her smart phone to enter her medication information

Between insurance, medication management, and communicating with your physician, the health care system can be a lot to navigate. Many fields within the industry operate on different platforms that can make it challenging for those seeking care. To help patients take charge of their health management, Redi.Health developed a centralized platform to unite all parts of the health care system under one umbrella.

“Redi at its core ethos is a tool that is working to provide patients with what they deserve in terms of their digital health journey,” CEO and co-founder Luke Buchanan said. “Our platform eliminates the confusion and complexity of health management for patients. We do that through unparalleled and easy access to support and resources that you may not know you’re eligible for.”

In addition to general health management, the platform integrates support services via pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, and other stakeholders involved in patient care. Co-founders Buchanan, Jaimin Gandhi, and Nate Rehm, who all came from backgrounds in digital health tech, recognized a common problem within the health care industry — many patients weren’t receiving all-around support because they didn’t know where to look.

“Nate and I came from CoverMyMeds, and my background is in data analytics and architecture, with a lot of intimate proximity to very robust data sets,” Buchanan said. “We saw that there were support services for patients who were unable to get on medication, but they weren’t able to take advantage of them often because they weren’t easy to access or patients didn’t know these services existed. We sat down with Jaimin, who came from Beam Dental, to solve this problem.”

For Buchanan and his co-founders, the startup is a reflection of a universal experience. At some point, everyone is or has been a patient and participates in the health care process. For those who experience chronic illnesses and repeat trips to the doctor, the need for centralized care is even more critical. Buchanan said that’s what continues to motivate him and his team.

“Everyone who started the company has had a family member or loved one who has had to go through the process of dealing with an incurable or chronic illness,” he said. “We’re in a unique position to solve those issues. We’re building this platform for ourselves, our mothers, fathers, siblings, and friends to help streamline what is a pretty broken process.”

The startup is still in its early stages, but it has big plans for 2023. As it continues to build out its core health management platform, Redi.Health is looking to roll out new features, including a financial assistance tool for medications. As an Ohio entrepreneur, Buchanan highlighted the robust startup ecosystem in the state and how investments from Pre-Seed Funds supported by Ohio Third Frontier has helped the company realize its plans for growth.

“It’s exciting to be a part of a market that is accelerating in growth quickly and to be able to benefit from the increases in funding and talent that are coming into Ohio,” he said. “That’s something unique that I don’t think you would get on the coasts. I think Ohio really knows how to put its support behind people that move the needle forward.”

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