Perceive Now is Generating Intuitive Insights to Simplify IP Strategies

How the Cincinnati startup is using AI to aggregate data and analyze trends

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Now, more than ever, data has become a form of currency. From finance to tech to manufacturing, gathering information is critical for research and development and is necessary to stay on top of industry trends. But with the constantly shifting data landscape, how can investors and entrepreneurs stay ahead of the curve? Perceive Now, a Cincinnati startup, is analyzing millions of data points for intellectual property insights that keep customers on the cutting edge.

“We extract technical and business insights from scholarly publications for market expansion and growth,” founder and CEO Vinitha Thiyagarajan Upaassana said. “Patents and publications are usually hundreds of pages in length. We simplify all that information by compiling it into one platform and comparing it for different public and private companies, including inventors and universities.”

Thiyagarajan Upaassana came to the U.S. in 2015 to pursue a Ph.D. in biomedical and electrical engineering. After graduating, her background in lab research sparked the idea for Perceive Now. Throughout her more than seven years as a researcher, she saw firsthand how the manual labor of intensive research was no match for the sheer amount of information to be sifted through to apply for a patent. It soon became clear that her experiences in the lab were indicative of a larger problem.

“As graduate students, we were the ones sitting down and extracting all the data from patents and publications,” Thiyagarajan Upaassana said. “Even simple searches took four to five months, and we would submit our patent only for it to be rejected multiple times. The amount of processing speed required was simply not possible unless we involved AI, so we are now a 100% AI-powered platform. Our proprietary algorithms can extract very specific information from millions of publications and patents.”

When envisioning the long-term future for the startup, Thiyagarajan Upaassana founded the company with one goal in mind — to create an immersive data experience that would simplify the research and development process for executives and stakeholders. Perceive Now’s mission, and its emphasis on data-based decision making, reflects that goal.

“We want to build a completely 360-degree AI experience that revolves around IP and makes everyone’s lives easier,” she said. “We’re proud of the amount of work we’ve done with data engineering and the algorithms we’ve developed, so my long-term vision is to help decision-makers and stakeholders to make more data-driven decisions in addition to intuition-based decisions.”

Thiyagarajan Upaassana emphasized that the resources she found in Ohio, including the University of Cincinnati’s Center for Entrepreneurship, Cintrifuse, a partner of Ohio Third Frontier, and Perceive Now’s internal team were crucial to the company’s success. And last year, Perceive Now was one of five teams chosen for the 2022 Gener8tor Cincinnati Accelerator, which includes a $100,000 investment to grow the startup even further.

“The ecosystem here in Ohio has been incredible,” she said. “There’s a lot of emphasis towards data-driven and evidence-based startups, and the resources, funding, support system, and mentors have been incredible for our journey. My Chief Product Officer Aditya and Chief Technical Officer Nick have given so much of their time, energy, and dedication to Perceive Now. It definitely takes a village to form a company, especially a successful one.”

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