This Columbus Company Is Protecting Businesses in an Interconnected World

How Cyber Security Services is elevating risk management to prevent data breaches

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As the digital world and technology become more integrated, they also become more susceptible to cyber threats that can put user data in jeopardy. For businesses that need to protect the personal information and data of their stakeholders, it’s imperative to reduce risk for clients and comply with cybersecurity standards. Cyber Security Services, based out of Columbus, is helping companies keep client data secure, with a variety of risk reduction and prevention services.

“We do everything from ethical hacking to risk assessments to making sure that our clients meet compliance objectives,” CEO and founder Matt Santill said. “That includes the whole cybersecurity realm like hands-on technical hacking, legal assistance, and penetration testing in the field.”

Santill’s interest in the world of cybersecurity was inspired by his own run-in with a hacker. As a teenager, someone hacked into his computer, and after that experience, he resolved to learn more about hacking and how to prevent it. That mentality carried over to Cyber Security Services and the resources it offers. One way the company protects its clients is to anticipate how a hacker could gain access to their systems.

“Penetration testing is where we take the approach of an attacker from outside or inside the network,” he said. “We simulate a real-world situation and act like the bad guy to attempt to gain access to sensitive information. We learn where a client’s weaknesses are and show them how to remediate those vulnerabilities.”

Because of the interconnectivity of devices, businesses may be vulnerable to hacking both internally and through communications with external stakeholders. Cyberattacks are unpredictable, and to counter that uncertainty, Cyber Security Services offers a solution relatively new to the realm of cybersecurity.

“In the last year or two, we started implementing endpoint detection and response or EDR,” he said. “This service comes from past antivirus solutions. Nowadays, there are real-time algorithms installed on devices that we can monitor 24/7. In the event of a security situation, the software alerts us so we can respond rapidly. We’re able to monitor down to the endpoint, which includes computer systems, cellphones, and other company-owned devices, to make sure they’re protected around the clock.”

The ultimate goal for Cyber Security Services is to enhance security education and literacy alongside their offerings to ensure its clients are universally protected. And as the company looks forward, it anticipates Columbus, and more broadly Ohio, will continue to be a major player in the cybersecurity and technology industry.

“Ohio is really leading the technology front across the board,” Santill said. “Not only do we have great organizations here and a state that supports technology firms, we also see that leadership with Intel moving in right down the street. And we’re looking forward to being a part of that drive for cybersecurity and technology in Columbus.”

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