Scheduler AI Streams the Coordination and Scheduling Process

How the Cincinnati startup’s technology is making it easier for people to connect

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Whether it’s an important client meeting, a get-together with friends, or a video call, scheduling can be a tedious, back-and-forth process of navigating multiple calendars. But with the rise of artificial intelligence, programs are being developed to make coordination easier and more efficient. Scheduler AI, a startup in Cincinnati, has created a unique AI platform to help take the hassle out of scheduling by integrating its technology in email, business chat platforms, and texting.

“A big part of AI right now is taking powerful technology and applying it to critical, but inefficient, workflows to create immediate impact on business results,” Co-founder Maddie Bell said. “We quickly learned that in business meetings do matter, but not a single person actually enjoys scheduling them, and the drain on revenue and productivity is extremely high. Our model is beating Open AI’s GPT-4 on speed and accuracy for interpreting scheduling commands. We’re working with customers and clients who see AI as an opportunity to enhance the capabilities of their entire organization, whether that’s a faster sales pipeline, better team collaboration, or just more efficiency.”

A big part of AI right now is taking powerful technology and applying it to critical – but inefficient workflows to create immediate impact on business results. We quickly learned that in business meetings DO matter, but not a single person actually enjoys scheduling them, and the drain on revenue and productivity is extremely high

Co-founders Maddie and Mike Bell brought together their collective experience as a Brand Director at Procter & Gamble and a VP of Data Engineering at Nielsen to develop the startup’s technology and narrow its niche focus in the AI world. What first began as a text-messaging program to organize events with friends soon evolved to provide more complex, integrated scheduling tools to businesses and other customers.

“The real turning point was when we started to integrate our platform with Slack,” Mike Bell said. “We started with Slack because it was quick and easy to test, and someone I knew at Slack mentioned their global hackathon, so we submitted ourselves and won. Slack is great, and it helped us realize people also need this in their email, to help schedule external meetings across time zones and organizations, so we decided to take this to the enterprise world.”

A big part of scaling and breaking into new territory for the startup was connecting with resources and support networks in the Cincinnati community. Scheduler AI received funding from Main Street Ventures and established partnerships with the help of Cintrifuse, both partners of Ohio Third Frontier, in addition to working closely with Ocean Accelerator.

“These three organizations have been massively helpful, like Main Street Ventures with some of our non-dilutive funding to get early projects off the ground,” Maddie Bell said. “Cincinnati, and especially Columbus, are epicenters of technology. Business owners, leaders, and local companies are ready to see their organizations transform and are open to working with innovative new companies.”

As one of those innovative companies, Scheduler AI has perfectly positioned itself at the heart of the AI revolution in Ohio. For both founders, that success can be attributed to consistent communication with their customer base. Mike Bell emphasized that building trust and involving clients in the development process has been key to establishing longevity, as well as an adaptable and successful AI product.

“When you think you know your customer, go even deeper,” he said. “When you think you’ve got it, continue to push and challenge those assumptions. The only way to continue to do that is to talk with people. I always say our best things come from talking to our customers and our best product designers are the people who are invested in seeing the product work because they use it every day.”

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